Stray Feeding Drive

Stray Feeding Drive

Stray Feeding Drive in Mulund

Stray animals, especially dogs, are treated as a menace. They scavenge around, roam in your surroundings, and cause inconvenience. Do you know why? They dig into the garbage because they are searching for food! They are living beings, and need food to survive. And when they remain hungry for long, they search around and lay their hands on anything that they can find. It is the reason they behave aggressively at times because they are hungry!

Utkarsh, in its course of studying strays and working with them, realized that if the strays are not starved, then the human-animal conflict would automatically come to an end.

It is with this objective that we initiated a feeding drive for strays in Mulund. Today, we feed around 1500 strays in Mulund daily. Nutritious food is freshly prepared every day at Utkarsh Animal Hospital in Mulund which are distributed in vans to strays.

You, too, can be a part of our noble initiative through:

- Helping in-kind (rice and dal)

- Donation towards the salary of the cook, fuel expenses of the food delivery van, salary of the van driver or towards the expenses of the hospital.

You can watch the video of the daily feeding drive here

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Utkarsh Animal Welfare Division (Mulund)

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Utkarsh Animal Hospital (Vasai)

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022 – 2567 6000 (24 Hrs. Open)

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