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Moni’s pain is our pain, can we help her?

Just one and half year old, Moni was in an accident which has injured her eye and as you can see, her eye ball is out. She is in immense pain but we can together assure relief and recovery only if her treatment expenses of Rs.19,850/- can be met. We appeal to everyone to come forward with any help you can. Moni needs us!

Expected cost of Treatment - Rs.19,850/-

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paytm qr code

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Utkarsh Animal Welfare Division (Mulund)

B-31, 34, 35 and 36, Minerva Industrial Estate, P. K. Road, Mulund West, Mumbai-400 080.

Utkarsh Animal Hospital (Vasai)

Near Navghar-Manikpur Smashan Bhumi, Opposite Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Vasai (E), Palghar

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022 – 2567 6000 (24 Hrs. Open)

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