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Utkarsh - Lions Club collaboration features in Home News.

We are grateful to Home News Channel for giving us great coverage and promoting our cause. The channel featured the noble and generous contribution of Lions Club wherein they donated 1000 kg of rice towards feeding of strays during lockdown. We hope the news report motivates more people to support the cause of stray welfare.

We are proud and happy to introduce Dhruv Kanadia, a Std. 10th student, who is a kind and helpful young man.

He is a Voice of Voiceless ambassador and regularly helps animals in distress. Please watch the video as Dhruv shares his experience working and helping with Utkarsh. We need a Dhruv in every corner of India so that every animal get a voice and kindness they deserve. Thank You Dhruv!

Meet Ms. Priya Ji, an ardent, selfless and kind human being.

She always reaches out to help strays on her own. Priya Ji often gets injured animals to Utkarsh Animal Hospital. Her latest ‘friend’ who she got admitted at the hospital is an injured cat. The cat had a dislocated shoulder. She is recuperating and should be released soon. We thank Priya Ji for her kind efforts and proving to be an angel for helpless stray animals. She is truly a part of ‘People for Better World’ and a true, sincere, ‘Voice of Voiceless!’ Thank You, Priya Ji! We need more people like you in this world.

Utkarsh needs bird kennels.

Please watch the video to hear what Dr. Nilesh has to request. Utkarsh Animal Hospital is for all types of living beings. Nowadays, we get many calls for helping injured or sick birds. As the number of our bird patients increase, we are facing a difficulty. We do not have enough bird kennels. We appeal for your kind help toward bird kennels, in-kind or via donation. Let us together help save birds in need! The more birds around us, the better is the environment around us! Helping birds is helping ourselves. Please help.

Spine injury cases at Utkarsh.

This video will melt your heart and even make you cry. These are dogs who have recovered from spine injuries, but will never be able to walk. If you wish to visit or help animals with such spine injuries, kindly contact us. A little affection and care and a small help can go a long way in making their lives easier.

Spine injuries in animals are similar to the injuries in humans. Once a spine is damaged, they can never stand upright. Utkarsh Animal gets many spine injury cases, at least 2-3 cases every day. Most spine injuries in animals are due to road accidents. Kindly drive carefully and avoid speeding because in our haste, we are maiming or killing poor animals.

Utkarsh has started a noble initiative to help the dogs walk again by fitting them with wheel carts. Because dogs have to be active and have to walk and crawling as shown in the video will make them bruised and susceptible e to infection and injuries.

Meet our supporters.

In the video, Priyanka Sharma Ji and Shilpa Ji, both residents of Mulund West, talk about their association with Utkarsh and shares how they find the initiatives of Utkarsh. They are regularly donating have donated food grains to help in the daily feeding drive. Thank you! It is because of kind-hearted and responsible citizens like you, that there will be humanity and a future for mankind and animals!

Thank you Mitesh!

Mitesh Rawat saw an abandoned dog in Thane East, near the station. While the dog was roaming around for two days, no one approached to help him. Mitesh saw that the dog also had a wound on one his legs. He had heard about Utkarsh Animal Hospital and the kind-heart he is, Mitesh brought the poor dog to the hospital. The dog is receiving treatment and should be fine. Please watch the video as he shares his experience.

A happy family at Utkarsh Animal Hospital.

Mothers are mothers after all! Watch the touching video and you will agree! Blessy, a female dog, met with an accident some time ago and was admitted at Utkarsh Animal Hospital with multiple injuries. When she was admitted, her puppies too were with her. The babies needed their mother and the mother needed the assurance that her little ones were taken care of while she received treatment. Well, we decided to take care of the puppies as well! Blessy and her little ones were a sight to rejoice at our hospital for more than a month. Now, Blessy has recovered and is ready for release, but we are choking in tears!

Please meet our dear Kaali in the video

She is up for adoption and if you wish to make her a part of your loving home, kindly contact us now!

Thank you Dharmesh Ji!

Dharmesh Daiya Ji, a resident of Bhandup, kindly donated rice to feed animals. He and his family visited Utkarsh Animal Hospital on Makar Sankranti and fed the animals. Watch the video to see the excitement and joy they had while interacting with the adorable animals. We are grateful to Dharmesh Ji for his kindness. We urge more people to join in and experience the blessings of selfless service.

Meet Shri. Michel Kaskar Ji who was happy to receive fresh food to feed strays.

He finds the initiative a need of the day and that it could be a huge help to strays who scavenge on dirt and other things for food. We are grateful for animal lovers like him who have come forward and ordered animal food either for their pets or for stray animals around their locality.

This month, Utkarsh launched a noble food delivery service, “Utkarsh Animal Food,” which is freshly prepared food for animals at just Rs. 15/- a packet. Those who wish to feed stray animals can order the food instead of feeding them biscuits or any other packaged food. All you have to is give a call and we will deliver the food at your doorstep. Call 96198 21171 to order food.

The vaccination drive will have huge impact

Shri Rajesh Nainikwal is a resident of Mulund West. He finds the anti-rabies vaccination drive initiated by Utkarsh a noble cause as he feels that it will help prevent rabies in society. Once people know that the strays around them are vaccinated, they will have no fear about strays. Children who often play with dogs will also be safe. Shri Nainikwal Ji appreciates the work of Utkarsh and urges everyone to come forward and help Utkarsh. Thank You sir, for your generous words and your kind gesture.

Please watch the video to know what Ms. Jayshree R. Ji, an animal lover

Please watch the video to know what Ms. Jayshree R. Ji, an animal lover, who is a visitor at the Utkarsh Animal Hospital, has to say about the hospital, the treatment facilities and more. It is because of such kind people that many animals get rescued and our work gets validation. Thank you! If you would like to visit our hospital to spend some time with the adorable inmates and get tons of love in return, do contact us!

Happy News!!! Jumbo gets a happy home!

Jumbo was left at our hospital in a bad condition. Now, all hale and hearty, he is all set to go to his new home. Ravindra Kushwaha Ji has come forward to adopt him and we are so very happy for both of them. Here is Jumbo’s story:

Cruelty towards animals does not just include physical harm but also abandonment. Around 7 months ago, a man admitted Jumbo at Utkarsh Animal Hospital. Jumbo was weak and ill. No one at the time imagined him to survive. Even our doctors had apprehensions. Sometimes, will power can defeat even worse adversities. Maybe, Jumbo had a Jumbo will and he bounced back to life. When we tried contacting the person who had brought him here, we found that the man had given us fake name and address. He just wanted to get rid of a sick dog! But not us! Every animal that is admitted here is our responsibility, and we strive, battle against odds to get them back on their feet. Jumbo is healthy and handsome as you can see in the video and now he has a home as loving and beautiful as he is. Thank You Ravindra Ji! We need more people like you!

Your help can save lives, of strays and humans.

The purpose of fitting strays with radium collar is to enable their visibility at night so they do not fall victim to road accidents. Utkarsh also sterilises and vaccinates the dogs, which will also be an indicator of the radium collars. We appeal to you to come forward to sponsor the cost of the radium collars. If you can even pay for a single collar, we will be grateful. Please note these radium collars can be life savers for strays as well as humans as a dog coming in the way of a bike or car may also lead to the drivers or riders losing control of their vehicle. We hope you will help us, as always!

Beneficiary of OPD Treatment Facility

She first came to Utkarsh for the treatment of a bird. Later, she rescued an injured puppy. Today, she is a Voice of Voiceless volunteer determined to save and care for strays near her home. Please watch the video to know what she has to say about Utkarsh-Animal Welfare Movement and why we need to help animals. Thank you! We need more kind people like you!

Thank you Kevin Ji for your kind words.

Meet Kevin Brigenza Ji, our dear volunteer in the daily feeding drive. He travels with the food delivery van every night in Mulund and enthusiastically participates in feeding strays. Thank you Kevin Ji. It is because of such dedicated volunteers that we are able to carry on our work effortlessly.

Utkarsh had conducted a feeding drive for every stray animal in Mulund from Dec 24 to Dec 31 this Christmas to spread the spirit of the festival.

Distribution of Blanket to Animals.

Winter season is here. While we love the chill, it is one of the worst times for stray animals as most fall sick or even die due to extreme weather. We set out to spread some warmth as we kept blankets at places where we have spotted strays in Mulund. We also distributed some blankets to the watchmen of housing societies, so they could pass it on to the strays they see. Please watch the video to see how the animals are finding the blankets cosy and comfortable! Our heartfelt thanks to each of one of you who donated the blankets!

Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Jenifer Ram Singh Ji

On the New Year's Eve, Mrs. Jenifer Ram Singh Ji, mother of our volunteer Ms. Dannie Ji, celebrated her birthday at Utkarsh Animal Hospital. Please watch the video to see her warmth and love for animals. Utkarsh is grateful to such an ardent animal lover. She said it was one of the blessed days of her life and we say, it was one of the most touching days of ours! Thank Your Jenifer Ji!

Join us to make Mulund rabies-free.

Rabies continues to be a threat to mankind and animals. Utkarsh, for some years now, has conducted anti-rabies drive throughout Mulund, in addition to aiding in sterilization of dogs. From November 2019, Utkarsh is conducting anti-rabies vaccination drive on every Saturday so that every animal in Mulund is vaccinated against rabies. If you wish to conduct the drive in your locality or housing society, do contact us! What we need is your kind help in covering the cost of the vaccines and the fuel expenses of the vehicles. Kindly come forward and help. You can even sponsor a single vaccine. Any help, small or big, is hugely appreciated. Let us together make a New Year Resolution to make Mulund rabies-free!!

Appeal for your contribution for daily feeding drive.

Please watch to know what Shri Aatish Waghmare Ji, VP, Utkarsh Global Foundation, has to share about the feeding drive for strays undertaken by Utkarsh-Animal Welfare Movement. You can join the drive as a volunteer, or via a donation to cover food expenses or via in-kind contribution (rice or dal). Any help, small or big, is highly appreciated.

Santa Claus at Utkarsh Animal Hospital.

Please watch the video of Utkarsh Christmas celebrations and we guarantee a lasting smile. We are grateful to the volunteers and animal lovers who were a part of the celebrations and for their bond with the animals and Utkarsh. Thank you Santa for your gifts to our dear ones!

Caretaker feedback

Please watch the video to know the feedback of a caretaker who brought a stray cat to Utkarsh Animal Hospital for treatment. While feeding the stray cat, she noticed that the cat had some injury in one of its eyes. She was impressed with the prompt response and timely treatment. She appreciates the work of Utkarsh and is happy that someone is there with a helping hand for stray animals.

Feedback from Donor

Please watch the video to know what one of our dear donors, Priyanka Ji has to say about Utkarsh. We are grateful for her kind words and we hope to live up to everyone’s expectations.

We celebrated a passionate animal lover’s birthday at Utkarsh Animal Hospital

We celebrated a passionate animal lover’s birthday at Utkarsh Animal Hospital to thank her for saving many precious lives by rushing to help and getting them to our hospital for treatment. It is through kind-hearted people like her that humanity manages to survive in today’s world. Watch the video to relive her special day with some adorable party attendees! Nivedia was emotional and so are we! Thank you Nivedita for being there!

Donor speak - Samir Shah Ji.

One of our dear supporters Shri. Samir Shah Ji shares his thoughts on his association with Utkarsh. We are grateful to Samir Shah Ji for the kind words and appreciation. It is because of kind-hearted animal lovers like him that we are able to continue with our cause. Thank You Sir!

Saylee Waghmare loves dogs and that’s why she has good words for Utkarsh

Saylee Waghmare loves dogs and that’s why she has good words for Utkarsh. Watch the adorable video to find what animal lover Saylee Waghmare has to say about Utkarsh. She appreciates that Utkarsh is always there to help strays and that it strives its best to rescue every animal that needs help. And do not miss the cute friend who has joined Saylee!

Meenu is ready to return.

Meenu is ready to return. Meenu is an adorable dog who was admitted at Utkarsh Animal Hospital in Mulund on July 17, 2019. She had a severe maggot wound on her left paw and was in immense pain and agony. It has taken almost two months for her wound to heal. She is fine now and ready to be discharged from the hospital. Watch the video to know her treatment journey.

Teddy, this just one month old puppy

Teddy, this just one month old puppy was admitted by Ramesh Motwani on 1st September 2019. He came here with maggot pain And in just 12 days he fully recovered. After all treatment and love he is ready for releasing from our Utkarsh Animal Welfare Hospital.

Donor Feedback - Jay Kanadiya

Please watch the video to find how a young donor and supporter Jay Kanadiya's experience with Utkarsh rescuing and helping animals. Thank you Jay for your trust and encouragement!

Treatment of Booster

Watch the heart-touching video to see the recovery journey of Booster, a stray dog. He had maggot wounds on his right eye and was brought to Utkarsh Animal Hospital by a kind passer-by Sampad Jadhav Ji on July 2. We are happy to share that he has recovered and is getting ready to go home. Please join us in wishing him a healthy and happy life!

Everyone can do with some hugs and kisses

Everyone can do with some hugs and kisses. Dr. Padam from Utkarsh Animal Hospital not just dresses the wounds of his patients but he also puts a loving balm on his patient's heart through love. Isn't it adorable?

Laxmi Joshi helped a stray dog from beating and rains

Laxmi Joshi helped a stray dog from beating and rains. The dog is blind and helpless. Your kind help can help Laxmi build a rain shelter. Please help. Watch the video to see what Laxmi had to go through for helping a stray dog, or rather for being a kind human being.

The word 'hunger' follows the whole world

The word 'hunger' follows the whole world. With the intelligence Man has arranged food for himself. Except Man, all animals are completely depend on Nature. Now days the waste of Humans is becoming food of many stray animals. The Utkarsh Global Foundation has taken vowed to feed the stray hungry animals. When Mumbai is sleeping, our Utkarsh Global Foundation runs to satisfy the hunger of these stray animals. We are requesting you, Kindly participate in this campaign with your food or even junk papers. To support us.

Please Donate via

Contact Utkarsh Global Foundation

Contact No :- 022-25676000

Utkarsh rescues a wounded dog from Mulund nullah

Utkarsh rescues a wounded dog from Mulund nullah. Watch the touching video showing how Utkarsh rescued a dog lying sick in a nullah in Mulund. He has maggot wound and maybe, was lying in the dirty water for days. He is currently in a serious state. We earnestly hope he gets well.

College students bring a wounded stray to Utkarsh

Four students from Mulund's VPM College, Tej Thakkar, Yash Naire, Nirav Padaya, and Khyati Shah found a helpless and scared puppy with maggot wound in one of his legs at Mithagar Street near their college. Instead of ignoring the poor dog, they reached out to help and brought him to Utkarsh Animal Hospital. They had heard of the hospital providing free treatment to strays. The puppy was admitted to the hospital on June 25. He is fast recuperating and should be fine in some days. We would like to thank the kind youngsters for their kindness and helping a needy puppy get prompt treatment. You all have proved humanity exists!

#CoverMe Campaign

#CoverMe hopes to prevent paw injuries due to rain infections. Please watch the video to know how dangerous and fatal can even a slight paw injury be to dogs.

Treatment of Animals

Rescue of bird by Utkarsh Global Foundation.

Rescue of Bird by Utkarsh Global Foundation at Mulund, Mumbai.

Treatment of Animals

Maggot wounds cases treated by Utkarsh Animal Hospital.

Utkarsh is playing a vital role in providing right care and free treatment for #stray #animals. Recently Utkarsh Animal Hospital, Mulund solved a case – a maggot infected dog (infection) is cured. Utkarsh always takes measures to cure such cases. Be a part of this lifesaving experience

Treatment of Animals

Road Accident Case Treated by Utkarsh Animal Hospital-Mulund.

The world is seeking your help. You have more than one opportunity to be an angel for the life in need. It doesn't take much. All it takes is a simple phone call.

Special Events for Animals

Christmas Celebration with Animals at Utkarsh Animal Hospital-Mulund.

The tinkle of the bells, the shimmering drapes, and decked up dogs, cats. Everything was in place for a perfect Christmas celebration. Utkarsh's Santa brought many animal enthusiasts and strays from its animal hospital together. The smiles were apparent on everyone's face. All the shelter members enjoyed specially made muffins, fun costumes, and all the attention. It was really comforting to see people from all walks of life caring equally for creatures in distress. The celebration was so much fun that it will be held each year. For the priceless smiles and making of the world a better place.

Special Events for Animals

Christmas celebration at Utkarsh Animal Hospital-Mulund.

We all wish to be cared, loved. On this wishing festival, we made sure that none of our 'friends' were left behind. The celebration of Xmas at our animal hospital was so much fun. And, the presence of many animal enthusiasts made the celebration very special.

Special Event

Stray Together @ Runwal Greens Society

Stray Together Initiative at Runwal Greens Society, Mulund to minimize Human-Animal Conflicts on 9th December 2019.

Diagnosis Center

X-ray unit inauguration by Adv. D. R. Londhe (President - Utkarsh Global Foundation)

On occasion of Jeev Jantu Diwas on 10th February 2019, Adv. D. R. Londhe (President – Utkarsh Global Foundation) inaugurates X-ray unit at Utkarsh Animal Hospital-Mulund.

About Animal Welfare Movement of Utkarsh Global Foundation

Documentory on Animal Welfare Movement of Utkarsh Global Foundation.


Experience of Animal Lover.

Every life is precious. Watch the video to know how Utkarsh and Chetan Ji, a kind-hearted young man turned saviors for helpless kitten.


Experience of Animal Lover.

A touching story of how a few #kind and alert citizens reached out to help an injured dog. They contacted Utkarsh Animal Hospital and after due treatment, the dog is back in her locality, happy and fine. Watch the video to witness the heart-warming story.

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